Branches and Divisions

Branches are a regional embodiment of the Society. They represent a vital mechanism for the delivery of membership benefits and provide a global platform for the dissemination of aerospace information. The Society proudly boasts an international network of Branches covering all the major centres of aerospace activity including Bristol, Derby, Dubai, Hamburg, Montreal, Munich, Paris, Seattle, Toulouse, and Washington DC.

In broad terms, the objects and responsibility of every Branch is to supplement locally the efforts of the Society: to support and maintain the highest professional standards in all aerospace disciplines; to provide a unique source of specialist information; to provide a local forum for the exchange of ideas; and to exert influence in the interests of aerospace in both the public and industrial arenas.

Each year the global Branch network hosts over 400 lecture evenings. These Branch events are open to all with a shared interest in aviation.  Non-members of the RAeS are also encouraged to attend and will receive a warm welcome at all Branch lecture evenings.

Divisions have been formed in countries and regions that can sustain a number of Branches.  Divisions operate with a large degree of autonomy, being responsible for their own Branch network, membership recruitment, subscription levels, conference and lecture programmes

Regulations for the Formation and Governance of the Branches of the RAeS - incorporating Appendix A - The Branches Handbook

As defined in the Society’s By-Laws these Branches Regulations are “Regulations of the Board of Trustees covering the formation and administration of Branches of the Society”. The Branches Handbook provides information and advice for all those involved in managing a Branch of the Society.  The content consists of guidance and examples of good practice, to be adopted by Branches as they see fit.

Branch Regulations (inc Branches Handbook)
A1.1  Staff at 4 Hamilton Place
A1.2  Branches Committee members
A1.3  Branch and Division contacts
A2  Typical Branch Rules
A3  Branch financial claim forms and a typical budget
A4  N E Rowe Medals Award – Summary of Rules
A5  Branch survey form
A6  Heritage Awards
A7  The Society’s Visual Identity

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