How the Society is Governed

The main areas of Governance of the Society are managed by the Directorate of the Society.

The governance structure of the Society comprises primarily of a Board of Trustees as the body responsible for the advancement of the Society’s Objects, for its administration, and for the management of its finances and property, together with a Council, which concentrates on managing the professional, technical and learned society affairs of the Society and provide direction and leadership required to achieve, in equal importance, such key objectives including informing and influencing the direction of the Society’s Strategic Plan, increasing and maintaining the influence, respect and reputation of the Society globally, and sustaining and developing the body of knowledge and learned output.

During 2015 a review was carried out, the purpose of which was to examine and bring forward proposals for how the internal audit and compliance assurance functions might appropriately be effected for the Royal Aeronautical Society. The emphasis has been on looking forwards, with a focus in particular on risk, processes and procedures, interaction/interrelationships between the internal audit function, finance committee and Board of Trustees (BofT). You can access the report here. The report was approved by the Trustees at its meeting in September 2015 and implementation of the recommendations contained in the report is currently underway.  

The chief governing documents for the Society are the Royal Charter, By-Laws and the Regulations.

As part of the standard annual audit carried out, Haysmacintyre have reviewed the Society’s new governance structure. Their representative, Mr Les Jones, interviewed both the President and key Society staff in the process. The resulting report can be accessed here.