Engineering Council

The Engineering Council (EC) is the UK regulatory body for the engineering profession.

It holds the national registers of 235,000 Engineering Technicians (EngTech), Information and Communications Technology Technicians (ICTTech), Incorporated Engineers (IEng) and Chartered Engineers (CEng).

The Society, as a licensed body of the Engineering Council, is able to assess and register applicants and is a Group A institution of the EC.

The Engineering Council sets and maintains the internationally recognised standards of professional competence and ethics that govern the award and retention of these titles. This ensures that employers, government and wider society - both in the UK and overseas - can have confidence in the knowledge, experience and commitment of registrants.

The Engineering Council also holds the database of courses accepted as the educational base for CEng, IEng and EngTech registration, all of which are recognised for people applying for registration through the Society.

The RAeS partnership with the Engineering Council allows members to access information and resources which will further their knowledge and skills in their chosen field.