Summary of the Society’s Boards & Committees

As per the Society’s By-Laws, the Board of Trustees may delegate to any Board or Committee such of its powers and duties as it sees fit and the law and good practice for charities allows.

Boards shall report directly to the Board of Trustees and Committees appointed by the Board of Trustees shall report to the Board of Trustees, the Council or any other body within the Society

As per the Society’s By-Laws, Boards appointed by the Board of Trustees under this By-Law may themselves appoint Sub-Committees reporting to them.


•    Professional Standards Board
•    Membership Services Board
•    Learned Society Board
•    Audit & Compliance Board

Professional Standards Board Sub-Committees:

Membership Grading Committee

Registration Committee

Accreditation Committee

Educations & Skills Committee

Schools Build A Plane Advisory Committee


Membership Services Board Sub-Committees:

Branches Committee

Young Persons' Committee

Divisions Committee

Women in Aviation & Aerospace Committee


Learned Society Board Sub-Committees:

Specialist Groups' Chairmen Committee

Publications & Communications Committee

Events Committee

Editorial Committee of The Aeronautical Journal



Management Committee

Finance Committee

Remuneration Committee


Council Committees

Nominations Committee

Centennial Scholarship Committee

Foundation Committee

Medals & Awards Committee

Policy & Research Committee

Heritage Awards Committee


The individual Specialist Groups which report to the LSB are:

•    Aerodynamics
•    Aerospace Medicine
•    Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
•    Air Finance
•    Air Law
•    Air Power
•    Air Transport
•    Airworthiness & Maintenance
•    Avionics & Systems
•    Flight Operations
•    Flight Simulation
•    Flight Test
•    General Aviation
•    Greener by Design
•    Historical
•    Human Factors
•    Human Powered
•    Management Studies
•    Propulsion
•    Rotorcraft
•    Space
•    Structures & Materials
•    Training
•    UAVs
•    Weapon Systems & Technology
•    Women in Aerospace & Aviation

More information on the Specialist Groups can be found here.