The Royal Aeronautical Society Council

The Council is elected from the Society's membership. It is chaired by the Society's President and oversees all aspects of the work of the Society. It is ultimately responsible for furthering the aims and objectives of the Society as laid out in the Royal Charter and By-Laws. It does this by determining policy and direction and ensuring adequate resources are brought to bear to pursue these objectives effectively and efficiently.

The Council consists of:

* the President — ex officio;
* the President-Elect — ex officio;
* the Immediate Past President — ex officio;
* the Presidents of Divisions — ex officio;
* the Chairman of the Branches Committee — ex officio;
* the Chairman of the Specialist Groups Chairmen Committee — ex officio;
* eighteen members elected by the Society on a three-year rotation;
* up to three members co-opted by the Council on the sole grounds that an important area of the Society’s interest is not otherwise represented on the Council.

The President-Elect is the sole Vice-President.

Elected members of the Council shall be elected by the Voters by ballot from amongst the members of the Society. Subject to By-Law 11.5, elected members shall hold office for three years and shall be eligible for re-election.

At least half of all the members of the Council at any given time must be Members, Companions or Fellows of the Society.

To see a list of Society past President's click here 

2016-17 Council


Prof Chris Atkin MA PhD CEng FRAeS


ACM Sir Stephen Dalton BSc FRAeS


Mr Martin Broadhurst OBE MA C.Dir FloD FRAeS

Elected members 

Mr Marc Bailey MRAeS

Mr Phil Boyle BSc(Eng) MSc CEng MIEE FRAeS (Chairman of Board of Trustees)

Mr David Chinn BSc(Hons) CEng FRAeS MIET AIL    

Prof Jonathan Cooper FRAeS CEng (PSB Chairman)

Mrs Brenda Crawford ARAeS

Dr Francesca De Florio FRAeS

Capt Hugh Dibley MCILT FRIN FRAeS   

Lieutenant Commander Richard Gearing CEng MRAeS

Rear Admiral Simon Henley CEng FRAeS

Miss Kerissa Khan MEng ARAeS

Mr Ian Middleton BA MBA FRAeS (LSB Chairman)

Air Cdre Jayne Millington MA MA(Oxon) FRAeS FCMI RAF

Professor Richard Parker CBE FREng FRAeS FIMechE FInstP

Wg Cdr Ross Priday MRAeS CEng

Dr Thurai Rahulan BSc(Hons) PhD AMIMechE  

Air Cdre Peter Round MA BSc(Hons) FRAeS

Mr Robert Savidge FRAeS

Dr Alisdair Wood EngD CEng FRAeS (MSB Chairman)

Division Presidents

AM Salim Arshad FRAeS (Pakistan Division)

Mr John Vincent CEng FRAeS (Australian Division)

Dr Glen Snedden PrEng PhD MSc (Mech Eng) MRAeS (South African Division)

Gp Capt Frank Sharp AFC FRAeS (New Zealand Division)

Branches Committee Chair

Mr Mike Goulette FRAeS

Specialist Groups Committee Chair

Mr Jeremy Graham CEng MRAeS

Co-opted Members

Miss Hilary Barton BSc CEng FRAeS AFIMA

Professor Richard Crowther CEng FRAeS

Dr Robert Winn FRAeS

In attendance

Mr Simon Luxmoore MBA FRAeS (Chief Executive)

Mr Patrick Slomski (Honorary Solicitor)

Ms Beth Hargreaves ACIS (Governance Manager)