Aerospace & Aviation - careers with altitude!

Love aerospace? So do we and the industry offers something for everyone!


Already have a passion for aircraft, space travel and want to know what kinds of job opportunities are offered? Never even thought about aerospace as a potential place for your career?

Whether a passionate aviator, or simply curious to know more, there are so many different aspects to aerospace and aviation careers that we have developed a special Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) website - Careers in -  to introduce you to key areas of aerospace and aviation where you may be able to apply your talents and help you on your journey into a fantasic and rewarding career!

From aerospace engineering to flying, from air transport operations to air traffic control, there may be a place for you in aerospace.

The website is a joint initiative with ADS Group and is regularly updated with news items on careers, recruitment, scholarships and events, industry updates and advice.

Careers services, events and on-campus workshops

The Society also offers a range of careers support specialising in aerospace and aviation information, advice and guidance. These include free 1-2-1 appointments for those needing more help with their aerospace or aviation career, free on-campus CV and Careers Workshops for universities and colleges, an annual recruitment fair each year, Careers in Aerospace LIVE, and a range of outreach programmes and events for primary and secondary schools including Cool Aeronautics and the Schools Build-a-Plane Challenge.  Find out more on these pages. 



We produce a free careers magazine every two years, to download issue 4 or order your free copy click on the link. We also have a range of materials including posters, children's booklets and our online and audio radio series Amy's Aviation - there is something for all ages!