26 Monday 26 November HQ Lecture

The Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle and 40 years of Planetary Locomotion

 This lecture tells the story of the most exotic wheeled vehicle ever designed and built.  Costing $38million, the equivalent of over $450 million today, to manufacture just three, it is also the most expensive car in history.  For whilst these unique automobiles had wheels, they were in every other sense spacecraft; constructed out of high spec aerospace materials to operate in an alien gravity field and a hard vacuum, on an extra-terrestrial landscape blanketed with abrasive dust. The length of a Cadillac, yet ingeniously designed to fold into a space the size of an estate car trunk, for shipment to the Moon, the Lunar Roving Vehicles epitomised the can-do spirit of Apollo.
To coincide with the 40th anniversary of its last drive on the Moon Christopher Riley, and David Woods will describe the unique story of the Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle, and its legacy; the subject of their new book from Haynes.
The lecture will be proceeded by a book signing, where uniquely, all three authors will be available to sign copies and answer questions.

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Dr Christopher Riley is a writer, broadcaster and film maker specialising in science and history. He was just old enough to remember the tail end of the Apollo Moon shots and was inspired by them to study remote sensing and planetary science for his Ph.D. at Imperial College London. Since then he has made over 30 films and TV documentaries about Apollo, including the multi-award winning 'In the Shadow of the Moon'. He is currently visiting professor of science and media at the University of Lincoln.

David Woods is a video editor, writer and photographer who spends his spare time studying the technology and procedures of the Apollo programme. He curates the Apollo Flight Journal, a website detailing the flights to the Moon, and which is hosted by NASA. He wrote the acclaimed book, "How Apollo Flew to the Moon", putting the emphasis on the 'how' of Apollo rather than the 'why', to the delight of a readership eager for technological stories. 


Event venue:
Royal Aeronautical Society

No.4 Hamilton Place, London, W1J 7BQ


When:Monday, 26 November 2012 18:00 - 19:00

Type:HQ Lecture

Specialist Grp:Space

Speaker(s):Dr Christopher Riley and David Woods

Location:Royal Aeronautical Society view map

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