• 24 Oct

    Civil Aircraft Technology Enabled Services – A First Step Towards Achieving Maintenance Credits

    Following on from two previous related events, the aim of this workshop will be to initiate a process that delivers an industry-wide approach towards achieving Maintenance Credits and will focus on two areas in particular: • Data interoperability standards • Early engagement with regulatory bodies when introducing new IVHM technologies Related areas including the process of achieving maintenance credits, the required evidence base and regulatory hurdles will also be considered.

  • 29 Oct

    Yesterday's Weapons for Tomorrow's Operations

    This conference aims to explore the current and future capabilities of platforms and weapon systems. This event is classified and open to UK nationals only.

  • 30 Oct

    Outsourcing Aircraft Support = Abdicating the Airworthiness Accountability?

    The Airworthiness & Maintenance Group will be holding a half day workshop on Thursday 30 October and will focus on the growing trend towards Hourly Usage Agreements between aircraft operators and service providers.

  • 31 Oct

    Safety Management Symposium

    The Safety Management Symposium aims to provide a series of presentations from various organisations to explain, using relevant examples, the challenges they face when managing complex safety systems.

  • 3 Nov

    Research Aircraft Operations

    This conference aims to bring together the global research aircraft operating community to share lessons and capabilities, as well as future plans for both campaigns and facility improvements. This conference is aimed at all participants in the planning, management and execution of airborne research programmes, both manned and unmanned, and both scientifically and aeronautically oriented.

  • 6 Nov

    Young Persons Annual Conference 2014

    The focus of this year's Young Persons' Conference is on Air Safety over recent years, key trends in technology and flight operations that are likely to drive the future aerospace industry.

  • 12 Nov

    The Future of Flight Training Devices

    The objectives of this conference are to examine the recent advances made in the design and use of this class of devices and to identify specific areas of simulation design and data provisioning that requires future enhancement so that further training capabilities and fidelity can be realised.

  • 17 Nov

    Light Aircraft Design - Methods and Tools 2014

    This year important changes are happening which will have a direct effect on light aircraft design in the UK. The CAA has launched its new General Aviation Unit. The ambitious plans for the new Unit will be presented. Also the collaboration between the RAeS GA Group and the CAA to create new regulations covering proof-of-concept experimental flying is coming to fruition and will be explained.

  • 21 Nov

    Flying High in the Aerospace Industry

    The 2014 Women in Aviation and Aerospace conference will focus on professional development and mentoring.

  • 25 Feb

    Airport Security: Raising Standards, Easing Burdens

    This conference will examine different aspects of airport security. Please revisit this webpage for further details.

  • 17 Mar

    The Flight Operations Manager in the 21st Century

    This conference will examine the role of the flight operations manager. Leading airlines from around the world will present their best practices and advice.


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