Named Lectures

  • 7 Jun
    Named Lecture

    Edwin A Link Named Lecture 2016

    The Edwin A. Link Lecture was established in 2007 to honour Edwin A. Link, the distinguished pioneer of synthetic training. This lecture will be delivered by Capt Kip Caudrey, Senior Manager Simulator Evaluation, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. More details will follow soon.

  • 14 Jun
    Named Lecture

    The Charles Lindbergh Memorial Lecture

    Paris Branch Named Lecture

  • 5 Jul
    Named Lecture

    Gerhard Sedlmayr Named Lecture 2016

    Hamburg Branch Named Lecture. Established to commemorate the memory of Gerhard Sedlmayr, a pioneering aviator who dedicated his life to improving safety equipment for aircraft. The company which he founded in Berlin in 1919 as "Autoflug - Spezialhaus für das Automobil- und Luftfahrtwesen, Gerhard Sedlmayr" is still today as Autoflug GmbH involved in the design and manufacture of safety equipment.

  • 19 Jul
    Named Lecture

    Lanchester Named Lecture

    The Lanchester Named Lecture was set up to honour Frederick William Lanchester, Hon FRAeS, Britain's first great aerodynamicist. He is best known for designing and building the first British petrol driven four wheeled motor car (in 1895) and for his work on the theory of flight and design of aircraft. Lanchester's work on stability was fundamental to aviation and he formulated the first comprehensive theory of lift and drag.


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