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Speaking at RAeS Events offers considerable recognition of your knowledge and expertise, enabling you to share with our Members and wider industry personnel, your research, company projects and views, to a relevant and targeted audience.

There are many opportunities for academics and aviation & aerospace professionals to present at the Royal Aeronautical Society. Call for Papers will be listed across a broad range of subjects, across the 26 specialist interest areas.  Accepted papers may also be considered for inclusion in the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Aeronautical Journal, subject to the refereeing process.

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Keeping Flight Simulators Current and Capable

4 - 5 June 2014, London
Organisers: Flight Simulation Group

The aim of this flight simulation conference is to discuss the challenges associated with keeping flight simulators current and capable from both a concurrency and technological aspect. This applies to both military and civil flight simulators in both fixed wing and rotary wing communities and includes full flight simulators as well as lower level devices.

In both the civil and military simulation and training communities, the challenges associated with keeping the simulator’s configuration current with the aircraft fleet can be a daunting task. Flight simulation and the timely incorporation of these changes are increasingly important in order to train flight crew members during the time as the changes are being incorporated into the aircraft.

With technological obsolescence occuring at an ever rapid pace, the increasing reliance on Training Devices for Flight Crew Training in all areas of aviation demand the Training Devices to be operated around the clock and to be both reliable and available to the flight crews when scheduled.

Abstracts should be sent to  by the 24th January 2014 quoting conference #739.

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Applied Aerodynamics 2014
Advanced Aero Concepts, Design and Operations

22 - 24 July 2014, Bristol,UK
Organisers: Aerodynamics Group

The 2014 Royal Aeronautical Society Bi-annual Applied Aerodynamics Research

Conference will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of aspects of
the advanced aero concepts, design and operations, covering both the research and the applications.

It is intended that the conference will provide an opportunity to raise the profile
of the challenges ahead and highlight the technologies required to ensure cost
effective solutions in a global market, and in sympathy with the increasingly demanding environmental considerations.

The Conference is targeted at aerodynamics researchers and programme
managers from academia, industry and research establishments worldwide. The
objective being to bring together aerodynamics professionals for a balanced
perspective of fundamental science issues, and technological challenges related
to current and future developments. In addition presenting new ideas, research
results, and technology integration and validation as well as providing a forum
for the presentation and discussion of results and experiences with a view to
collaborations for future enhancement of capabilities. Finally the aim is to identify
areas needing additional research and development.

Abstracts should be sent to  by the 30th November 2013 quoting conference #731

40th European Rotorcraft Forum 2014

Southampton / 2 - 5 September 2014

The International Committee invites prospective authors to submit abstracts of papersfor presentation at the Forum. As in previous years, the Forum sessions will cover typicalaspects of rotorcraft and will be held simultaneously in various conference rooms.

  •     Acoustics
  •     Advanced Materials
  •     Aerodynamics
  •     Aircraft Design
  •     Aircraft Systems & Avionics
  •     Airworthiness
  •     Cost Reduction
  •     Crew Station & Human Factors
  •     Dynamics
  •     Engine & Propulsion
  •     Flight Mechanics
  •     Manufacturing
  •     Operational Aspects & Safety
  •     Simulation & Training
  •     Structures & Materials
  •     Test & Evaluation


 For more information about the Call for Papers, please click here.

Abstracts should be sent to  by the 21st February 2014. For more information, pleaseclick here.


4th Aircraft Structural Design

Belfast / 07 - 09 October 2014

The Royal Aeronautical Society’s 4th Aircraft Structural Design Conference undertaken with the support of Queen’s University Belfast will address the challenges facing the designers of the next generation aircraft. These challenges arise because the new designs will need to meet strict environmental constraints, be subject to ever increasing pressures to reduce manufacturing and life-cycle costs and for continual improvements in overall performance/efficiency factors. The resulting aircraft will be complex, requiring multi-disciplinary design approaches and solutions in a distributed design environment.

The 4th Aircraft Structural Design Conference is hosted by Queen’s University Belfast which is internationally recognised as a leading university devoted to teaching and research in engineering with particular expertise in aeronautical engineering. Please visit for more information on the venue and host city.

The conference seeks contributions covering current research focused on the design and manufacture of future civil and military air-vehicle structures both manned and uninhabited. This includes consideration of innovative forms and design scenarios together with the challenges resulting from considering the complete aircraft life-cycle from initial concept to final disposal. The design and analysis of structures constructed from CFRP and novel materials is a major topic area for the conference.

These challenges need complex and innovative design solutions that often require the use of interdisciplinary and dynamically interactive design methods. In addition, today’s design teams are multinational, being distributed across continents, or the globe, and the computational methods must be able to support a distributed work environment. The control of such complexity in the designs and the design process is a major issue that the conference wishes to address.

Papers and other contributions will be sought to cover the following broad topic areas:
• Structural Design
• FRP and Advanced/Novel Materials
• Computational Methods 

Abstracts should be sent to  by the 14th March 2014 quoting conference #740. For more information, please click here.