The Society's Membership

The Society's membership approximately 22,500 members, split according to age and membership grade as shown below.


The Society’s Diversity Policy

The Royal Aeronautical Society has signed a Concordat, led by the Royal Academy of Engineering, to work towards increasing diversity within the profession of engineering.

The Royal Aeronautical Society is working to ensure that its services are accessible to everyone. The RAeS aims to foster an environment free from harassment, unfair and unlawful discrimination where all members, registrants, staff, grant and award recipients - both potential and actual - are treated fairly. We gather and analyse diversity data to assess the extent to which we are achieving our equality and diversity aims. We use this information to review our processes to ensure they are fair and transparent, and do not have an adverse impact on any particular group. In addition, there is no national profile of who engineers are and we would like your permission to share your data (aggregated with that of others) with engineering bodies in order to fill this gap.

Your cooperation in providing us with information will help us conduct more accurate reviews, address inherent bias in our processes and build a national profile of the engineering profession.

All information provided will be treated as strictly confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The information will only be used for statistical purposes with access restricted to staff involved in processing and monitoring the data. It will not be seen by anyone involved in selection processes. No information will be published or used in any way that allows individuals to be identified.

We recognise that some people may regard this information as private and have therefore included the option of ‘prefer not to say’ in most categories. You do not have to complete the form but it will help us improve our services and processes if you can complete as much as possible.

Click here for more guidance on Equal Opportunities Monitoring.

RAeS Membership Survey

The views of the membership are extremely important to us. The RAeS membership survey is run every two years and allows the Society to understand the impact of changes implemented over the past two years as well as providing insight into the views and opinions of our members which are used to inform the Society’s future strategy.

A summary of the findings of the RAeS Membership Surveys can be downloaded below: