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Sir John Horlock died peacefully in hospital on 22 May. He was 87 years old. His life had been rich and full and he will be remembered as a leader in education and in the fluid dynamics and thermodynamics of turbomachinery and powerplant.

Light Aircraft Design 2015

By Conferences and Events

Join the General Aviation Group for their annual Light Aircraft Design Conference in November 2015

Contrail-cirrus, other non-CO2 effects and Smart Flying - workshop programme released

By Conferences and Events

Contrail-cirrus, other non-CO2 effects and Smart Flying - workshop programme released

Environmental experts from academia and the industry will meet to discuss the potential for reducing the climate impact of aviation by tactical flying.

Update your Details!

By Members

As autumn quickly approaches, we will soon be preparing to send all of our members, subscription renewals for 2016. We want to ensure that all members’ details including address, phone number and email address are listed correctly in our records.

Sustainability Solutions: Technology and Diversity

By Conferences and Events

Join the Women in Aviation and Aerospace Committee (WAAC) for their annual conference.

How do you balance weapons and platforms to enhance capability?

By Conferences and Events

Join the Society’s Weapon Systems and Technology Group to discuss how to get greater utility from a fixed defence budget.



  • 2 Sep
    Branch Event


    Dr Joseph Barnard is Managing Director of Barnard Microsystems Ltd. He will examine applications and current applications in the 'Beyond Line of Sight' field and commercial applications for RPAS technology.

  • 7 Sep
    HQ Lecture

    The Vickers Wellington

    This lecture will be delivered by Dr Steve Bond, who will be talking about the Vickers Wellington, the only RAF bomber to serve in its original role from the first day of the European war to the last, and to serve as such in every theatre of World War II in a wide variety of roles.

  • 7 Sep
    Branch Event

    RAF Air-to-Air Missiles- The First 30 Years

    Covers the 50s period when Fireflash was developed, together with Aberporth Range & LLanbedr airfield, goes in the 60s period with Lightning )Firestreak & Red Top), then to Phantom (Sparrow III & Sidewinder) (70s) and finishes with Skyflash (Tornado ADV)(80s). Also firing AAMs against Jindivik in Aberporth Range operating from Valley, and high-level firings against Stilletto high-speed tgts.