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Electric aircraft sparks imagination

Electric aircraft sparks imagination

Recent high-profile record-breaking attempts, including the Solar Impulse 2 round the world flight and the Airbus E-Fan cross-Channel flight, have inspired public interest in the potential of electrically-powered aircraft. BILL READ looks at how the electric aircraft concept is moving from technolog...

Merchandise - Our Top 3!

By Conferences and Events

Find out what our three best selling merchandise items are and what we have planned for the future.

Careers and SBAP team to exhibit at the Amy Johnson Memorial Air Show

By Careers and SBAP Team

On August 15th 2015, the RAeS Careers team will join the Schools Build-a-Plane team at the Amy Johnson Memorial Airshow at Herne Bay.

Has your RAeS membership lapsed? Contact us to reinstate your membership!

By Membership Team

If your membership with the Royal Aeronautical Society has lapsed and you would like to re-join to take full advantage of Society benefits then now is a great time to reinstate!

2014/15 Churchill Medal Award: Final Call for Nominations

By Membership

Celebrate outstanding achievement in the field! The Churchill Medal is presented annually to an individual or small team who have demonstrated their engineering commitment, skill and ingenuity in the most challenging circumstances.

Schools Build-a-Plane Challenge at RIAT 2015

By SBAP Team

Schools Build-a-Plane Challenge at RIAT 2015

The Bridge Learning Campus and Schools Build-a-Plane team exhibit in the Technozone of the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford



  • 28 Jul
    Branch Event

    Royal Flying Doctor Service

    Queensland Branch

  • 19 Aug
    Branch Event

    Concorde Captain

    Highland Branch

  • 7 Sep
    HQ Lecture

    The Vickers Wellington

    This lecture will be delivered by Dr Steve Bond, who will be talking about the Vickers Wellington, the only RAF bomber to serve in its original role from the first day of the European war to the last, and to serve as such in every theatre of World War II in a wide variety of roles.