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Alternative Fuels and Propulsion Systems

By Conference and Events

How can Aviation’s Impact on the Environment be Reduced? The aim of this conference, which takes place on 21st October 2014, will be to assess the low carbon propulsion and fuel options for aviation.

Civil Aircraft Technology Enabled Services – A First Step Towards Achieving Maintenance Credits

By Conferences and Events

This half-day workshop being held on 24th October 2014 will bring together industry stakeholders with the aim of initiating a process that delivers an industry-wide approach towards achieving Maintenance Credits.

In the latest AEROSPACE magazine - October 2014

In the latest AEROSPACE magazine - October 2014

In the latest October 2014 edition of AEROSPACE, the RAeS monthly flagship magazine: the UK government's plans for a British spaceport, the air cargo market, international profiles of the aerospace industry in Brazil, Thailand and Wales, the potential of silicon carbide for all-electric aircraft, he...

Universities: nominate your students for the AAU 2014 John Barnes Conference

By RAeS Careers

Academics are invited to nominate up to two students for the 2014 AAU John Barnes Conference on 24 October at the Aerospace Technology Institute. Nominations close 3 October.

Work to begin a Skills Roadmap for industry at this year’s RAeS Education and Skills Conference

By RAeS Careers

The Royal Aeronautical Society’s second Education and Skills Conference on 1 October 2014 will see work begin on the framework for a Skills Roadmap for the aerospace and aviation sectors.

Gems from the NAL: Winston Churchill, aircraft pilot?

Last month a group of aviation enthusiasts from a local Farnborough company paid us a visit. Amongst them was a Dutchman who found something interesting in Avia Magazine from 1914. You never know what you'll find hidden at the NAL.....



  • 1 Oct

    Education and Skills Conference 2014

    The need to attract, inspire, recruit and train new staff on a sustainable basis has long been recognised by the aviation and aerospace sectors. New opportunities and pathways are now becoming available that will enable the industry to start filling the “skills gap”. The Society's second annual Education and Skills Conference will look at how various organisations and industry partners are working together to address skills needs for the aerospace and aviation sector, from engaging with and trai

  • 1 Oct
    Named Lecture

    Cierva Named Lecture 2014

    The Cierva Lecture is named after Juan de la Cierva, FRAeS, an aeronautical engineer who pioneered rotary flight. In 1926 with the backing of the Weir brothers he formed the Cierva Autogiro Company and it was his development of rotor blade design and articulated rotor blades, which played a major role in the first successful helicopter in 1936.

  • 1 Oct
    Branch Event

    The Evolution of the Tornado Aircraft

    Defence Academy & Swindon Branch