RAeS Arbitration & Mediation Scheme

The aim of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Arbitration & Mediation Scheme is to provide a fair, simple, cost-effective and confidential procedure for the resolution of aviation and aerospace related disputes, either by way of arbitration or mediation.

The Society has developed a set of Arbitration Rules and Mediation Proceedures for this purpose. They are designed to be short, straightforward and to provide a flexible process.

The scheme can be used via one of two ways.

First, pursuant to an Arbitration Clause or a Mediation and Arbitration Clause which parties can insert into any contract being made between them, so as to provide an agreed method of dispute resolution in the event of any dispute arising out of or in connection with that contract. These clauses have been added to the London Special Wordings Scheme used in the London aviation insurance market, as clauses LSW 1824 (09/12) and LSW 1825 (09/12) respectively.

Second, by way of an ad hoc Agreement to Arbitrate or Agreement to Mediate (as the case may be) which parties may agree after the event in relation to any dispute which has arisen between them.

There is a flat registration fee of £1,000 payable to the Society by any party wishing to commence an arbitration or mediation under the scheme. Payment to be made to 'The Royal Aeronautical Society'. The Society plays no subsequent part in the arbitration or mediation process, and therefore does not charge for any further administrative costs.

The Society maintains a list of Arbitrators and Mediators whom the parties may choose to resolve their dispute under the scheme. Any request by the parties to the Chairman of the Air Law Group Committee of the Society for him to appoint a sole arbitrator should be made by contacting Richard Nicholl (richard.nicholl@aerosociety.com).


The Royal Aeronautical Society, its officers, personnel and members (including the Chairman of the Air Law Group and anyone who makes any sole appointment in his place) accept no liability whatsoever howsoever arising in respect any arbitration or mediation held under the above scheme, including for any act or omission of any arbitrator or mediator appointed to resolve any dispute under the scheme which is in any way connected to or consequent upon their appointment as arbitrator or mediator.

List of Arbitrators & Mediators

All contacts listed will accept instructions for both arbitration and medition except those indicated by an (*) and the relevant note is listed accordingly next to the contact.

His Honour Harvey Crush FRAeS

* Captain Edward M Davidson FRAeS (Arbitration only)

Howard G Dyer FRAeS

* Dr Chris Elliott FREng, FRAeS (Mediation only)

Gerard Forlin QC, MRAeS

Sean Gates MRAeS

James Healy-Pratt MRAeS

Captain Simon J Lawrence FRAeS

Sir Robert Nelson

Muneeb Rashid CEng, MRAeS

Matthew Reeve MRAeS

Philip Shepherd QC, MRAeS

Sir David Steel

Christopher To FCIArb, FHKIArb, FSIArb, CEng, ARAes