The RAeS Foundation

The Royal Aeronautical Society Foundation was established in June 2006 to organise and co-ordinate fundraising for the Society’s charitable activities, initially the Centennial Scholarship Fund and the National Aerospace Library (NAL) or other future projects as directed by the Trustees.

The Foundation is managed by a dedicated committee, headed by the Chief Executive and esteemed Fellows from the Society’s membership, including Past Presidents.

The Foundation has recently been reinvigorated in its pursuit of enabling financial support to further the Society’s objectives. In particular, attention has now been turned towards the Society’s Headquarters at 4 Hamilton Place, in terms of repayment of the mortgage. These are important activities, not only in guaranteeing the long term future of the Society, but also in ensuring that membership benefits are being delivered from the Society’s Headquarters.

In 2012 the Foundation supported various charitable initiatives including Cool Aeronautics (an education programme aimed at primary schools), printing educational/career material for schools and universities, a conference for apprentices, creating online access for the Society’s Lectures and continued support of the Centennial Scholarship Fund and National Aerospace Library. The Foundation will continue this support in 2013 as well as supporting new initiatives to encourage young people (and the general public) within the UK and overseas to learn more about aviation and the Society.

Members (and non members) can help the Society through the Foundation in a number of different ways. Please use the menu on the left to navigate to the relevant pages. If you would like more information, please contact either the Finance Director or Subscriptions Department. You can also learn more about tax efficient ways of supporting the Foundation/Society from the HMRC website.