The Council

Council, concentrates on managing the professional, technical and learned society affairs of the Society. It works alongside the Board of Trustees in supporting the direction and leadership required to achieve, the key objectives within the Strategic Plan. The Council has key role in increasing and maintaining the influence, respect and reputation of the Society globally, and sustaining and developing the body of knowledge and learned output. The Council is made up of The President, President-Elect, Immediate Past-President, Presidents of our global divisions, Chairman of the Branches and Specialists Group Committee as well as eighteen members elected by the Society.

The Council is responsible for the Nominations Committee; Centennial Scholarship Committee; Foundation Committee; Medals & Awards Committee Policy Committee and the Heritage Awards Committee.


The Council were presented with a Heritage Award plaque to commemorate the Society's 150th anniversary.

ex Officio members

* Prof Chris Atkin CEng FRAeS - President
* ACM Sir Stephen Dalton FRAeS - President-Elect
* Mr Martin Broadhurst FRAeS - Immediate Past President
* AM Salim Arshad FRAeS - President, Pakistan Division
* Mr John Macilree MRAeS - President, New Zealand Division
* Dr Glen Snedden FRAeS - President, South Africa Division
* Mr Andrew Neely CEng FRAeS - President, Australia Division
* Mr Jeremy Graham CEng FRAeS - Chair, Specialist Groups Chairmen Committee
* Mr Michael Goulette CEng FRAeS - Chair, Branches Committee

Elected Members

* Mr Phil Boyle FRAeS
* Professor Jonathan Cooper CEng FRAeS
* Mr Ian Middleton FRAeS
* Dr Alisdair Wood CEng FRAeS
* Mr Marc Bailey MRAeS
* Mr David Chinn CEng FRAeS
* Mrs Brenda Crawford ARAeS
* Dr Francesca De Florio FRAeS
* Capt Hugh Dibley FRAeS
* Lt Cdr Richard Gearing CEng MRAeS
* Rear Admiral Simon Henley CEng FRAeS
* Miss Kerissa Khan ARAeS
* Air Cdre Jayne Millington FRAeS
* Professor Richard Parker CEng FRAeS
* Wg Cdr Ross Priday CEng FRAeS
* Dr Thurai Rahulan FRAeS
* Air Cdre Peter Round FRAeS
* Mr Robert Savidge FRAeS

Co-opted Members

* Miss Hilary Barton CEng FRAeS
* Prof David Southwood FRAeS
* Dr Robert Winn FRAeS