Ground Training Workstream

The Ground Training Workstream is tasked to examine the off-aircraft learning environment for pilots and determine how existing regulations might best be updated to capitalise on today's technology, teaching methods and assessment techniques.


The Chair is Jacqui Suren who has a BSc(Hons) and a MSc and has published a number of highly acclaimed academic papers.  Jacqui Suren joined the Royal Air Force as an Intelligence Officer before tranferring to become the first female to enter Royal Air Force pilot training.  After retiring from flying with the Royal Air Force, Jacqui Suren has dedicated herself to delivering very high quality ground training to civilian pilots through their ATPL studies.  She has also authored ATPL text books published by Oxford, Jeppesen and Padpilot, has worked at the UK CAA, and is an acknowledged outstanding subject matter expert in all phases of civilian pilot ground training.

Jacqui Suren is committed to the modernisation of the ground training system. She is the Deputy Chair of EASA Rule Making Task 0959, a member of EASA Aircrew Training Policy Group, and a member of the Executive Committee of the International Association of Aviation Personnel Schools (IAAPS).  She is also Chairman of the ITPA Ground Training Workstream and a member of the pilot stream of the ICAO Competency Based Training & Assessment Task Force.

Jacqui Suren founded ProPilot, becoming its Managing Director and Head of Training, and was the driving force behind ProPilot’s success before it was acquired by CTC Aviation in March 2015.  She is now Head of Regulation and Training Development for L3T Commercial Training Solutions.

The Vice-Chair is Thomas Leoff, who is Manager Training Standards at Lufthansa Aviation Training.

If you are a member of the Workstream, visit the secure site here.