Amy's Aviation 

The Royal Aeronautical Society has collaborated with family digital radio station Fun Kids Radio to create two children's animated series called 'Amy's Aviation' that charts the adventures of Amy as she discovers the wonderful world of aerospace and aviation! Across the two series, Amy takes the audience on a fantastic journey through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) concepts used in aerospace, including aerospace engineering, future developments in aircraft and space exploration, what it takes to become a pilot, tries out experiments and so much more!

Each episode is approximately 5 minute's long and can be shared with the family or in the classroom. If your school is attending one of our Cool Aeronautics events, they are great to show before and after the event to help embed what the students experienced on the day.  

All episodes are available on Youtube, click here to access the playlist. The audio versions are also available to download from iTunes FREE of charge!