The Bridge Learning Campus in Bristol occupies a £40 million site. The campus opened its doors in January 2009 and the group of schools includes a primary school, a secondary school, a special school, a student support centre and a dedicated Bridge College Centre offering all levels of vocational qualifications for 14 to 19 students as well as adults.

Bridge Learning Campus provides ‘schools within a school’ – each having its own space and its own distinctiveness, yet sharing the overall vision and aims for transforming expectations.

In January 2011, the Boeing Company and the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) announced that Bridge Learning Campus would be the third school to take part in the UK Schools Build a Plane project.  Update: The School took delivery of a RANS S6ES kit in 2011 and continue to show a genuine commitment to both the aircraft build and the wider educational aims of the project, particularly as Bridge Learning Campus is focused on providing practical support to their local area’s social and economic development and in supporting their pupils’ career development.

Bridge Learning Campus displayed their aircraft build at RIAT 2016, exhibiting to the public what the Schools Build-a-Plane Challenge aims to do and how it has benefited those involved. 

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