Ernesford Grange was opened in 1972 as one of the first suburban Community Colleges in the country. Ernesford has developed a well-earned reputation for being a very caring and supportive school and is very much part of the local community and the City of Coventry.

Academic standards are rising and the school works hard to help all children whatever their talents. In September 2005 the school became a Specialist Science College.As a Science College, the school has developed close links with our Primary schools through activities such as Students Presenting Learning and Teaching Science (SPLATs), and with their special schools by hosting special events and having their students access some lessons. The school plays a lead role in Local Authority Science CPD in the City and students benefit from a rich and varied provision and from enhanced resources and opportunities.

Ernesford Grange received their aircraft kit in September 2012 but had also embarked on a number of supporting programmes in the preceding months including the build of their own flight simulator housed in a real aircraft which has been displayed at the Farnborough Air Show 2012 and TeenTech events.

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