The overriding aim of the Royal Aeronautical Society's Speakers for Schools Programme is to attract individuals, with their wealth of industry knowledge and expertise from a variety of aviation and aerospace backgrounds, to create a network of regional contacts that, when requested, the Society can send into schools and careers awareness events to inspire the next generation. 

The Careers and Education team is currently involved in a number of outreach activities including Cool Aeronautics, The Ballantyne, Schools Build-a-Plane Challenge, Careers and CV Workshops for colleges and universities and we also exhibit at a number of external events throughout the year, such as the Big Bang Fair, careers exhibitions, recruitment fairs and air shows.  The success of these activities is generating an increasing number of enquiries from schools from around the UK for further engagement which we are unable to fulfil with our existing resources. However, with such a vast network of industry professionals in the Society’s membership, many of whom are possibly already working with local schools, the programme aims to identify those among you who may be able to help and provide support and training for those who would like to get involved.

We would like to hear from you if you:

a) Are already delivering presentations in schools.
b) Are a STEMNET ambassador.
c) Are an aerospace/aviation professional and would like to get involved.

As part of the programme, funding is available to provide some participating individuals with ‘Working with Young People’ presentation skills training delivered at the Society’s London HQ. We will focus our resources on providing training for speakers located in key areas of the United Kingdom where no existing aviation or aerospace employment or availability of STEMNET Ambassadors exists. We also intend to allocate a significant share of available funding to professionals in operational roles such as pilots and air traffic controllers. However, for interested engineers, we are able to work closely with STEMNET, so please still do get in touch!

If you would like to play a part in inspiring our country’s future generation of engineers, pilots, air traffic controllers, operations managers (and so on!), please contact the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Careers and Education Department.



+44 (0) 20 7670 4325