2016 Applied Aerodynamics Conference

19 July 2016 - 21 July 2016

At-Bristol Science Centre


Evolution & Innovation Continues - The Next 150 Years of Concepts, Design and Operations

The Royal Aeronautical Society is proud to announce that its next biennial Applied Aerodynamics Research Conference will take place in Bristol between the 19 - 21 July 2016.

Aviation is growing steadily, traffic forecasts suggest doubling over the next two decades and the need for efficient and sustained growth is recognised.

Currently there are several international research programmes as well as the European and UK collaborative research projects, aimed at encouraging improved efficiency and greener aviation for all types of speeds, payloads and ranges via novel design and / or operations (e.g. clean sky, cruiser – feeders, laminar flows, morphing etc…). These civil aviation led research initiatives are also impacting on military research. There are many researchers spearheading the knowledge base needed. It is proposed that the conference will devote special sessions to focus on discussions and dissemination from these initiatives.

The 2016 Royal Aeronautical Society biennial Applied Aerodynamics Research Conference will also mark the 150th anniversary of the formation of the RAeS. It will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of aspects of the advancement of the aerodynamic disciplines and their application through current research, nearer term conception and longer term design and operations.

It is intended that the conference will provide an opportunity to review successes of the past and raise the profile of the challenges ahead and highlight the technologies required to ensure cost-effective solutions in a global market in sympathy with the increasingly demanding operational and environmental considerations.

The Conference is targeted at aerodynamics researchers, practitioners and programme managers from academia, industry and research establishments worldwide. The objective being to bring together aerodynamics professionals for a balanced perspective of fundamental science issues, and technological challenges related to current and future developments. In addition presenting new ideas, research results, and technology integration and validation as well as providing a forum for the presentation and discussion of results and experiences with a view to collaborations for future enhancement of capabilities. Finally the aim is to identify areas needing additional research and development.

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At-Bristol Science Centre