A Risk Based Approach to RPAS Operations

22 March 2017

No.4 Hamilton Place, London


09:30 - 16:30

Seminar summary

This seminar aims to build consensus for the use of a risk-based approach (RBA) to RPAS operations to achieve the required level of safety in an economically efficient manner.

This will be the first RaeS seminar dedicated to assessing the new RBA methodology for RPAS.

TED Talk Session

As part of the day we have series of 5 minute presentations that will provide material / case studies that encourage questioning of assumptions, test propositions, offer valid points/outputs in relation to the aim of the seminar, including:

- Mapping and quantifying Drone Risk
- Risk Based Safety Cases in the UK MoD
- ICAO commitment to this approach and influence from EASA prototype Legislation

Why should you attend? 

1. Gain a clear understanding of how the manned aviation safety regimes have evolved, what from manned aviation can be used for RPAS and the new opportunities RPAS might bring in terms of levels of confidence of risk and mitigation assessments.  Also to identify key differences.

2. Understand the range of approaches/options which regulators might wish to use to make RPAS assessments.

3. Explore the options for techniques/methodologies which operators can use to prepare safety cases for submission to authorities. This should include identification of those specific areas where additional work could provide the data needed to improve the levels of confidence in safety case proposals (relating to both risks and mitigation).

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Speaker Details

Mike Gadd, Business and Technical Lead, UAS and Cyber Programmes, UK CAA

Antonio Marchetto, RPAS Technologies Expert, EASA

Simon Phippard FRAeS, Of Counsel, Bird & Bird and UAS Committee, Royal Aeronautical Society

TED Talks (including)

Risk Analysis and Management in the UK MoD

Unmanned Warrior - Flying Over Skye

RPAS Integration: Treating risk from the other end of the telescope

ICAO Committment to this approach

Location Details

No.4 Hamilton Place, London

Royal Aeronautical Society Headquarters

No.4 Hamilton Place