Aircrew Mental Health and Well-Being 2015 to 2040

9 May 2016

Royal Aeronautical Society


Recent tragic events have highlighted the role that aircrew mental health and wellbeing can play in the safe operation of the civil aerospace sector. As civil aviation expands into the 21st century the growth in pilot numbers, increased efficiency goals and changing aircrew demographics will pose challenges in managing this aspect of operations.

Aircrew Mental Health and Wellbeing is multi-dimensional and complex and as such there are many strands that will impact on it (e.g. Aeromedical, Legal, Regulatory, Insurance, Operators and Unions).This conference will bring together the latest thinking regarding both fostering and supporting pilot mental health & wellbeing and incident risk mitigation for current and future operations. Bringing together key stakeholder groups to share views and look to the next 25 years as the sector grows and the demands for, and on, pilots’ increases will identify key issues and dependencies in managing this complex area.

The conference aims to:

  • Identify key issues and current regulations and approaches to aircrew mental health.
  • Outline challenges facing civil aviation over the next 25 years that could have significant effect on approaches to aircrew mental health and wellbeing.
  • Consider strategic approach to aircrew mental health and wellbeing that might be appropriate and practical in meeting the need.
  • Consider whether a viable proactive mental health and wellbeing structure could be created that was analogous to the UK Health and Safety Executives Stress Management model and how might this be implemented.
  • Examine whether the US DCAPS (Detection and Computational Analysis of Psychological Signals Data Analytics project might provide a feasible approach to monitoring and fostering mental health and wellbeing in a globally distributed and mobile population.
  • Bring together the views of the key stakeholders affected by mental health and wellbeing issue for civil aviation to frame a discussion based on the sectors current status and the projected growth over the next 25 years in terms of the number and nature of aircrew in service.



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