Airfix Scaling down reality

14 April 2016

Community Learning Centre, Waterside, Harmondsworth


Airfix is a name familiar to all of us who spent hours indulging in the fine art of building polystyrene model kits, and this month we hope to inform the audience how one of the classic toys of British childhood is being brought into the 21st Century.

This month’s talk will cover the history of the Company: its founding in the late 1940s by a Hungarian immigrant, through its boom years in the 1960s, the later years of decline and under-investment, and finally its current resurgence in the market place.

We’ll then look at the ways in which Airfix products are developed, including the painstaking research and the cutting edge technology used to design and manufacture modern kits. CAD design will be showcased, as will the way in which the striking Airfix box art - always part of the magic of these kits - is now produced.

For Security clearance to enter the Waterside base to attend the lecture contact the Branch Secretary, Dr. Ana M Pedraz on 07936 392799 or preferably by email to

Speaker Details

Simon Owen

Simon Owen, Lead Researcher, Hornby Hobbies


Community Learning Centre, Waterside, Harmondsworth