Airlines – tackling the Climate Change Challenge

10 March 2016

British Airways Community Learning Centre, Waterside, Harmondsworth



Much has been reported in the media of the alleged effects of aviation on climate change and the resulting impacts on air travel.

Jonathan Counsell, formerly the Head of Environment for British Airways and now Head of Sustainability for International Airlines Group will outline in his lecture the critical importance of addressing climate change if the industry wants to grow, including an update on role of new aircraft and future innovative technology as well as biofuels and improved air traffic control procedures. He will also update on the targets IAG has set for itself and give an insight into how the group is doing on delivering to these targets.

Finally, the talk will  cover the importance of the recent Paris Climate Change summit held in Dec 2015.

For Security clearance to enter the Waterside base to attend the lecture contact the Branch Secretary, Dr. Ana M Pedraz on 07936 392799 or preferably by email to




Speaker Details

Jonathon Counsell

Jonathon Counsell  (Head of Sustainability - IAG)


British Airways Community Learning Centre, Waterside, Harmondsworth