Ann Welch Lecture 2016

17 May 2016

Royal Aeronautical Society



The Annual Ann Welch Lecture will be held in London on 17th May 2016.

This lecture will be delivered by Barry Jones, Managing Director, Bulldog Autogyro. 

The presentation will map the rocky road to aircraft development in the UK, specifically the Autogyro. There will be a short explanation of what an Autogyro is and what it has become. The rocky road will highlight not only the challenges of gaining financial support but also the chronic 'brain drain' that has happened over the years in the UK with the migration of aircraft design to Europe and the States. The resultant gap in the academic community of the UK for aeronautical design has had a dramatic effect on the ability to generate new aircraft businesses in the UK and thus, removing us from the world leading stage of aeronautical design and innovation.

Through meticulous attention to detail all BJJR Bulldogs are built to order to ensure that the aircraft is tailored to the customer’s exacting demands. While other autogyros are available in today’s market, the Bulldog allows its owner to cast off the blanket of everyday and fly in traditional elegance with modern performance.

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Speaker Details

Barry Jones,Managing Director, Bulldog Autogyro


Royal Aeronautical Society