BLADE - The Flight Test Demonstration of Natural Laminar Wing Technology

8 March 2017

Chester Branch


19.30 start

The application of Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) to a commercial airliner could significantly reduce drag, providing reductions in fuel burn and emissions.

The need for high quality of wing surface with high rates of production, through to daily operational conditions, all present challenges for NLF in commercial airliners.

BLADE – the ‘Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Demonstrator in Europe’ is the flight test vehicle by which Airbus, and its CleanSky programme partners aim to demonstrate NLF feasibility for future commercial aircraft.

This presentation will give an overview of BLADE flight test objectives and the key features of the aircraft layout, together with an update on project status.

Speaker Details

Paul Phillips

R&T Integrator, Airbus

Leading the aerodynamics activities of the BLADE project

University of Chester

Chester Branch

Binks Building, Room 011

Parkgate Rd

Chester CH1 4BJ