Britannia Sky - A British Space Odyssey

27 April 2016



On this evening Andrew will be examining the British space programme, often hampered by successive Governments, to explain the vital role it has played in spaceflight history, paying credit to those who have tried to push Britain skyward, including the role played by Astronaut Major Tim Peake, who is currently in orbit on the International Space Station, bringing his enthusiasm for Space to the youngsters in schools throughout Britain.

As usual, Andrew will use historic images, movie clips and music to take us on a dramatic journey that will make us proud to be British and to wonder what it might actually be like when we sit under a Britannia Sky.

We know interest in this talk will be high so we have booked the International Centre for Aerospace Training (ICAT) adjacent to Cardiff Airport, which can take an audience of 80 or so people. Although we don't have the security requirements that we do at BAMC, never the less, please let us know early if you would like a seat. First come, first served as they say.

The event will be in the first floor classrooms with refreshments in the ground floor foyer ahead of the lecture. If you are attending the AGM as well as the lecture, please arrive at 6.30 for the AGM at 6.45 and the lecture will follow immediately afterwards, hopefully around 7.15pm

Speaker Details

Andrew Lound