Cierva Named Lecture 2017

10 October 2017

No.4 Hamilton Place, London


18:00 - 19:00 

The 2017 Cierva Named Lecture will be delivered by Bruno Guimbal, President, Guimbal Helicoptérès.

Helicopteres Guimbal was founded as an independent company in order to develop and manufacture the Cabri G2 as a modern, certified helicopter. The goal was to bring new technologies to the personal and training market.

The development and certification of the Cabri G2 took 6 years with a team of 8 engineers. The main efforts and innovations were dedicated to the safety: anticrash structure and fuel system, high-inertia, fully composite main rotor, low-maintenance Fenestron, advanced vehicle monitoring computer.

Today the Cabri G2 has been produced to 210 copies, sold in 28 countries. The fleet has more than 13.000 flight hours, with unprecedented safety records, including zero injury.

The fleet leading ship has more than 5000 fl.hours and has proven very low operating cost thanks to infinite life on every components.

The Cabri G2 is used 80 % for training future professional and military pilots for big transport helicopters, due to its solid handling and remarkable flying qualities.

Helicopteres Guimbal is currently developing an UAV based on the Cabri G2, under the leadership of Airbus helicopters. The company is also thinking of a bigger future model.

The lecture will be followed by a networking reception sponsored by Heligroup, who are the sole distributor of the Guimbal Cabri G2 in the UK.

Speaker Details

Bruno Guimbal, President, Guimbal Helicoptérès

Bruno Guimbal was born in 1959 in a family of engineers with no aviation background. He graduated as a mechanical engineer while starting in aviation by building a two-seat airplane. He decided to work in helicopters because of his old passion for mechanical engineering and machine tools, and new attraction for aviation.

He spent 18 years with Eurocopter as a design engineer. His main involvements were in rotor head design, such as the new tail rotor for the Super-Puma family, the different Fenestron, and the latest five-bladed rotor for the Dauphin family.

He was in the EC 120 development team, in charge of rotors and transmission. He established 18 patents on rotor design, two of them giving way to an award.

He developed the proof-of-concept Cabri as a personal project, and when a real development with certification became an option, he resigned from Eurocopter to found Helicopteres Guimbal, in 2000.


No.4 Hamilton Place, London

Royal Aeronautical Society HQ 

No.4 Hamilton Place