Concorde - A Magnificent Aircraft

13 September 2016

Lecture Theatre


An iconic, record-breaking supersonic airliner, Concorde brought the thrill of very high speed flight to the ordinary passenger. The aircraft technologies were cutting-edge for its time and it proved an interesting and occasionally challenging aircraft to operate. Les had the privilege of flying Concorde for 4 years culminating in the aircraft’s early retirement from service in 2003.

He will highlight some of its fascinating technical features before going on to describe what it was like to fly this magnificent aircraft, describing a typical supersonic flight from London to New York. Although to the passenger the journey felt like a normal airline flight (apart from the exhilarating take-off!), for the pilot there was a touch of the fighter aircraft about its handling and its complex systems. No Concorde flight was ever boring!

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Speaker Details

Les Evans


Lecture Theatre