Corporate Jet Cabin Evolution

1 September 2016

ZAL TechCenter ,


RAeS lecture in cooperation with DGLR, HAW & VDI

Airbus markets corporate jets derived from all of the aircraft in its modern family, giving customers a comprehensive spread of sizes and ranges to suit their needs.

Corporate jet customers are essentially big companies, billionaires and governments. They are most interested in two things - the ability to fly the mission and the cabin – unlike in the airliner world, where it is all about economics.

So what customers get in the cabin – in terms of cross-section and floorspace – is of great interest, because it directly affects the lifestyle that they can take into the sky.

Available cabin space and furnishing have evolved over time, with today’s corporate jets delivering a much larger and more sophisticated environment than early jetliners.

Airbus’ ACJ320 Family has the widest and tallest cabin of any business jet, while being similar in size externally. So it is well placed to deliver more of the comfort, space and freedom of movement that customers want, including offices and lounges, conference and dining areas, bedrooms and bathrooms.

For customers that want even more comfort, capacity and capability, Airbus offers VIP versions of its widebodies, which have the added benefit of delivering “nonstop to the world” range.

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David Velupillai

David Velupillai
Marketing Director, Airbus Corporate Jets



ZAL TechCenter ,