Engine Power - Where will it come from in the future

17 January 2018

Cardiff Branch - BAMC


For over six decades the gas turbine has dominated aircraft propulsion, delivering unrivalled levels of power density. Throughout this period regular advances in material, aerodynamic and aerothermal technologies have ensured continuous improvements in engine power and efficiency. But what about the future? Is the gas turbine nearing the end of its evolutionary journey and are there any game-changing technologies set to emerge in aircraft power and propulsion?

This presentation will explore both of these questions, with particular focus on the transformational technologies and capabilities offered by more electric and hybrid solutions. Rolls-Royce has been at the forefront of capability development in this area and this presentation will highlight recent initiatives as well as our vision for the future.

More electric and hybrid solutions are already emerging in aerospace platforms, building on the technical revolution underway in the automotive industry. Future propulsion systems will evolve rapidly to incorporate the potential of turbo-electric generation, distributed propulsion, embedded generators and advance power-dense storage devices. All of these will be explored through the presentation.

Speaker Details

Conrad Banks, Rolls-Royce Defence

Conrad Banks is the Chief Engineer – Future Programmes and R&T for the Defence Aerospace business of Rolls-Royce plc. In this role, he is responsible for identifying and delivering new propulsion system concepts to meet the future military aerospace market requirements. These include military platforms across all sectors of manned, UAV and helicopter propulsion. He is also responsible for the technology insertion programmes of key Rolls-Royce development and production programmes, especially JSF and EJ200.


Cardiff Branch - BAMC

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