ExoMars Rover: Engineering for the Red Planet

9 February 2017

Cranfield University


ExoMars is Europe’s first Rover mission to Mars – a mission in search of life, past or present, to answer one of mankind’s big questions: are we alone in the Universe? Abbie Hutty is the lead Spacecraft Structures Engineer working on the rover, and will talk through what the mission’s aims and objectives are, what some of the major challenges and design drivers of a mission to Mars are, and how the team are engineering solutions to meet those challenges.

Speaker Details

Abbie Hutty, Senior Spacecraft Structures Engineer, Airbus Defence and Space

Abbie Hutty joined Astrium at Stevenage, now Airbus Defence and Space, as a Mechanical Engineer in 2010, moving to the ExoMars rover team as a Spacecraft Structures Engineer in 2012. Now lead structures engineer for the Rover Vehicle, she coordinates a team of specialists in the design of the ExoMars Rover Vehicle Structure, and is responsible for aspects including Stress Analysis, Design Office, Materials and Processes, Testing, and Design support to Manufacture.  

Alongside her day job, Abbie takes on many STEM Education and Outreach roles, talking about the mission and her role to students and the wider public in order to promote engineering careers and the study of STEM subjects to the next generation. She has appeared in numerous print, radio, and televisual roles in her capacity as an ExoMars Engineer, including on the Sky at Night, the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, and on Stargazing live with Brian Cox and Dara O’Briain. In 2013 she was selected as the IMechE’s Young Member of the Year and later named as the IET’s Young Woman Engineer of the Year, followed by the accolade of “Rising Star 2014“ from the Royal Academy of Engineering. A chartered engineer through the IMechE, as well as a member of the IET, in 2016 Abbie was elected Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the youngest individual in the Institution’s 169 year history to achieve this status at only 29.


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