Farnborough - From Cody to Concorde

12 April 2017

Chester Branch


Starts 19.30

The Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough, formerly the Royal Aircraft Factory, has a unique heritage with many firsts from a century of research and development.

From S F Cody’s kites, balloons, and first successful powered flight in the country, through two World Wars, the birth of the jet, the nuclear era, space launchers, satellites, and supersonic air transport, as well as the development of aircraft accident investigation and aviation medicine, to more recent work on composite materials, digital flight controls, laser sensors, head up displays, and night vision aids, Farnborough’s scientific legacy has shaped today’s global aerospace sector.

Speaker Details

Richard Gardner MCIPR MRAeS

University of Chester

Chester Branch

The University of Chester

Beswick Building - Room 017

Parkgate Rd

Chester CH1 4BJ