Financing the Business of Aerospace

18 March 2016

Royal Aeronautical Society



The UK is one of the world's leading financial centres. It is also recognized as home to one of a handful of the world's top aerospace industries. How do the two sectors interact and how will the continuing internationalisation of the aerospace supply chain affect financing in future?

The conference aims to further the understanding of how the aerospace industry is financed and to consider how the continuing internationalisation of the aerospace supply chain will affect financing in future; in particular: 

-      How companies finance their operations - the importance of equity capital           and where to find it; when and how to use debt

-         Assessing risk and creditworthiness and the implications for how                          governments, airlines and contractors procure products and services

-          Financing growth, especially through mergers and acquisitions and by                  research and development

Guest speakers will discuss how the UK government interacts with its financial and aerospace industries, the attractions to institutional investors of the UK aerospace industry and the experience of raising finance from a company director's perspective    



Royal Aeronautical Society