Flight Testing the Airlander

14 September 2017

No.4 Hamilton Place, London


18:00 - 19:00

In this lecture, Dave Burns (who has commanded every flight of the Airlander to date) and Andrew Barber will explain the make-up of the flight test programme, how the company recovered from a well-publicised heavy landing, and some of the technical learnings of the flight test programme. 

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Speaker Details

David Burns – Chief Test Pilot, Hybrid Air Vehicles

David was employed as a Flight Test Engineer after graduating BSc in Aeronautical Engineering from Glasgow University. He gained his Commercial Pilot’s Licence at British Airways College of Air Training and went on to fly for Loganair, British Airways and Monarch Airlines.  He started flying airships with Airship Industries in the early eighties and worked with them and successor companies in testing, training and operations in many parts of the world. David now has over 12,000 flying hours, including over 4,000 in airships and holds an EASA Air Transport Pilot’s Licence and EASA and FAA airship Commercial Pilot’s Licences.

Andrew Barber – Airworthiness and Flight Test Engineer 

Andrew completed an Aero-Astro degree at Southampton University sponsored by Rolls Royce. He joined Rolls Royce full time on graduation as a development engineer.  Andrew then joined Lotus and spent the next twelve years in the car industry, culminating in forming a car manufacturing company. In 2004, Andrew returned to the aviation business as an engineering manager and has worked for seven different aviation companies until now. Andrew flew gliders from age 15 to 25 and started PPL training in 2007, and is a regular flyer with numerous ratings under his belt. Andrew was born in Yorkshire and grew up as, and still is, an aviation obsessive!

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No.4 Hamilton Place, London

Royal Aeronautical Society Headquarters

No.4 Hamilton Place