Flying for Life

11 December 2017

Prestwick Airport


Tim’s talk is about his flying career as an RAF instructor and operational pilot, leading to military and then civil test flying, and with critiques of the various aircraft he met. He mentions the inspiration of sharing a hangar with 2 exotic research aircraft when he learnt to fly in 1962. He covers RAF training and instructing on the JP in the RAF and the Harvard in Pakistan. Next were several years as an operational Harrier pilot and instructor. He completed the Empire Test Pilots School course in 1980 and joined 'A' squadron at Boscombe Down as a test pilot for Harrier, Sea Harrier, Buccaneer and Jaguar. He was the senior service test pilot for Sea Harrier and Harrier for intensive trials during the Falklands war, and evaluated a captured enemy aircraft, the Pucara. After a tour as an ETPS tutor he joined British Aerospace at Prestwick as a Jetstream test pilot, becoming the project pilot for certification of the Jetstream 41. He finishes by describing some unexpected and hazardous test work on Jetstream aircraft."

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Tim Allen


Prestwick Branch

Prestwick Airport

Aviator Suite

107 Glasgow Prestwick Intnl Airport,