From Nowhere to Normandy: The Rise of the British Glider Forces

14 June 2018

Leonardo Helicopters, Yeovil


 The Glider Pilot Regiment was a British airborne forces unit of the Second World War, which was responsible for crewing the British Army's military gliders and saw action in the European theatre in support of Allied airborne operations. Their most famous engagements included Operation Deadstick (the capture of Pegasus Bridge) and Operation Freshman (a raid of a Heavy Water production facility), with their motto being Nihil est Impossibilis; "Nothing is Impossible".

The lecture will be held in the Dallas Conference Room 1a/b at the Leonardo Helicopters site in Yeovil.

Refreshments will be served at 18:00, with the lecture commencing at 18:30.


Speaker Details

Richard Folkes, OBE, FRAeS, Head of Aviation Safety, LHUK


Leonardo Helicopters, Yeovil

Dallas Conference Room 1A
AgustaWestland Works
BA 20 2YB

Entrance via Lysander Road.