Green Lecture: The Striker2 Helmet

15 November 2016

BAE Systems Park Centre


(The annual Green Lecture is devoted to Human Factors topics)

Recently there has been an explosion of interest in consumer and industrial applications for see-through augmented reality displays, either as crew station mounted or as wearable products. However, these types of display have been around for over 40 years in the cockpits of military and civil aircraft. What sets aviation design solutions apart is that they provide the user with accurate conformal information embedded in the pilots’ real world view (see-through display) where the information presented is intuitive and easy to use because it overlays the real world and enables them to stay head up, eyes out - thus improving their effectiveness, reducing workload and improving safety. Such systems are an enabling technology in the provision of enhanced Situation Awareness (SA) and reducing user workload in high intensity situations. Safety is key, so the addition of these functions in the cockpit of modern civil and military platforms cannot detract from the fundamental protection and safety functions.  This lecture will present a summary of the BAE Systems journey in head-mounted display systems.  It will also provide a vision of the future for head-worn systems, their capabilities and applications.


Speaker Details

Alex Cameron

Alex Cameron, Product Manager Helmet and Head-Mounted Display Systems              BAE Systems, Rochester

Alex Cameron has 38 Years’ experience in Avionics Displays, principally working in the field of Helmet-mounted and head-up displays. He joined the company from University working in the Research Laboratory on helmet mounted displays, Head-Up Displays and other advanced experimental display systems. He led the development of various Night Vision Goggles Programs and became one of the founder members of the Helmet Mounted Displays group. Subsequently he led the development of helmet tracking systems, HMD display drive electronics and helmet-mounted displays with involvement in all advanced HMD systems. More recently he was appointed Chief Engineer for BAE SYSTEMS Helmets Business, before taking on his current role, managing the strategy for Helmet Mounted products. He directs supporting technology development activities for display system and provides authoritative and independent technical leadership for all aspects of display systems design, development and manufacture.


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