How Do You Alter Gravity?

16 January 2017

Emirates Training College (ETC)


Space missions require activities in varying gravitational conditions, and it is up to us on Earth to create systems that can adapt to such conditions and complete their respective missions. Dr. Anna will talk us through her work on the various methods and platforms used to create hyper or micro gravity atmospheres, which in turn help the mission specific systems to perform better.

This lecture is part of RAeS-UAE Professional Development Program 2016– 2017.

No pre-registration required for the event. Please feel free to walk into the venue and bring your friends and colleagues.


Speaker Details

Dr. Anna Garcia Sabaté, TechShop Abu Dhabi

Anna Garcia Sabaté obtained a bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering in 2009, a Master in Aerospace Science and Technology in 2011 and she holds a PhD in Computational and Applied Physics from BarcelonaTech. She is currently the education manager at TechShop Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Garcia-Sabaté's scientific interests are focused on the acoustic manipulation of two phase fluids and sonoluminescence. She participated in ESA’s (European Space Agency) contest Fly Your Thesis! 2009, where she was given the opportunity to test her experiment in a drop tower facility. In addition, she participated in ESA’s Drop Your Thesis! 2010, Spin Your Thesis! 2011 and 2012. Anna has also participated in two sounding rocket launches in the frame of NASA’s Flight Opportunities program, Up Aerospace’s SL-8 and SL-9 and a REXUS Sounding Rocket campaign (RX19/20).

In parallel to her research she has taught workshops for primary and high school students to promote space science and technology and she was also the president and co-founder of the Student European Low Gravity Research Association (SELGRA) in September 2013, where she still is a Management Committee Member.


Emirates Training College (ETC)

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Emirates Training College
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