Hybrid Air Vehicles - the Airlander Project

12 October 2017

Hamburg Branch


(The lecture will be held in English)

Chris Daniels will describe the development and design of the Airlander, the largest, and one of the most innovative and greenest aircraft in the world today.  He will explain how Airlander combines aerostatics, aerodynamics and vectored thrust to provide great flexibility, capability, fuel economy and safety.  Chris will also discuss the market opportunities and potential market size of Airlander; and complete his lecture by describing Hybrid Air Vehicles' commitment to projects that aim to help inspire younger generations.

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Speaker Details

Chris Daniels, Head of Partnerships and Communications Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd

Chris Daniels studied mathematics at Oxford University and has an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona.  He was awarded a Flying Scholarship by the Royal Air Force to obtain a Private Pilots Licence and has kept a lifelong interest in aviation.  Chris has worked in diverse areas such as on the Trading Floor in investment banking and professional expedition leading. Most recently Chris was Head of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games B2B Activation at Lloyds Banking Group.  Chris joined Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd 3 years ago where his role covers funding, media, communications and Government relations, and also encompasses partnership opportunities with major brands and within Airlander’s supply chain.

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Hamburg Branch

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