James Sadler - First English Aeronaut

20 September 2017

BAMC, Cardiff Airport


Sadler based himself in Bristol for some years, and in 1810 became the first man to fly over (but then into!) the Bristol Channel after skirting the Glamorgan coast - this being the first balloon flight over Welsh soil.

Mark will be describing Sadler's crossing of the Bristol Channel and other early Welsh aeronautical adventures.

Doors open 18:30 with event start 19:00-20:00

Speaker Details

Mark Davies

Mark is the author of "King of all Balloons", a biography of James Sadler, an Oxford pastry cook who became the unlikely first Englishman to fly in Oxford in 1784. He has been giving talks about this extraordinarily talented and determined pioneer since 2012, and now to us at Cardiff.


BAMC, Cardiff Airport