Lanchester Named Lecture

19 July 2016

At-Bristol Science Centre


The Aerodynamics Group will be holding the Lanchester Named Lecture on 19th July 2016 and will be presented by Mr Norman Wood, Expert, Flow Control and Aerodynamics.

Much of Lanchester’s original inspiration came from observations of bird flight. Indeed the geometrical aspects of his early models took inspiration from birds renowned for their ability to fly very efficiently. That inspiration has now developed as the science we refer to as ‘Biomimicry’ and its reach has moved beyond the basic achievement of flight. We are now able to identify how key aspects of aircraft manoeuvrability and load alleviation can be directly attributable to observations from Nature. As we commit to minimise the environmental impact of the growth of aviation, biomimicry should play an ever increasing role.  

In this presentation Norman will explore how using Nature as a Mentor, a Model and a Measure has enabled us to develop new technologies applicable to the aerospace sector. Examples associated with the direct reduction of aircraft drag, reduced fuel burn and reduced life cycle costs will all be presented and explored. Looking to the future it is possible to see how Biomimicry can tantalise us with glimpses of what might be possible as we try to emulate what Nature does ‘naturally’.

The Lanchester Named Lecture was set up to honour Frederick William Lanchester, Hon FRAeS, Britain's first great aerodynamicist. He is best known for designing and building the first British petrol driven four wheeled motor car (in 1895) and for his work on the theory of flight and design of aircraft. Lanchester's work on stability was fundamental to aviation and he formulated the first comprehensive theory of lift and drag.

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Speaker Details

Norman Wood, Expert, Flow Control and Aerodynamics, Airbus Operations Ltd

Norman Wood, Expert, Flow Control and Aerodynamics, Airbus Operations Ltd 


At-Bristol Science Centre