Police Aviation Conference 2017

5 June 2017 - 7 June 2017

Supported Event

The PAvCon Police Aviation Conference. To be held at the Best Western Premier Mount Pleasant Hotel, Great North Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire on 5 – 7 June 2017

Back in the UK after an absence of nearly eight years. www.pavcon.org

This niche event can be traced back to the 1990s and its recent resurgence is due to an International team that brings together speakers from across the world to meet up with a range of airborne emergency services professionals to engender a sense of good safe flying and the provision of a professional service to the public.

In recent years’ the event has been held across Europe in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain and attracting fliers from the whole of Europe, Africa, the USA and Far East. It is an aviation event but it is designed to bring together broad spectrum of law enforcers to consider a whole range of tactical and operational issues that all ranks face.

Even if you are not an aviator you never know when you might need an aircraft. This year the event is looking at air-to-ground co-operation and will impart some useful tips for those on the ground on how to get the best out of police helicopters and how they can help to clear a landing ground for an air ambulance to bring medical teams to a patient at an accident they are dealing with.

With the centralising of control of police helicopters under the organisation of The National Police Air Service [NPAS] based at Wakefield, West Yorkshire more county police services are embracing the use of drones, small unmanned aircraft. This year PAvCon will focus on drones and the experience of those that have already developed experience with them. Existing operators from North America and Europe will be presenting their ‘hands on’ experience with these craft and some of their conclusions may well surprise the audience.

The programme will also be structured so that the three-day event can be taken as a whole or in segments. If attendees want to know about tactics or drones they will be able to pick just one day out of the three and attend to take away the elements that suit their particular needs. Front line emergency services personnel attend free but must pre-book. Industry delegates are charged a nominal fee.

There is an exhibition of over thirty service providers in the hotel, outside exhibits and modern police helicopters will be able to land within the ample grounds of the hotel.


Best Western Premier Mount Pleasant Hotel,

Best Western Premier Mount Pleasant Hotel,

Great North Road,


South Yorkshire