Private Human Space Flight - Do the same liabilities apply?

22 February 2017

Emirates Training College (ETC)


The recent past has seen many developments towards the reality of commercialised space exploration and private human space flight. Since 2001, a total of seven space “tourists” or private human space flight participants (SFP) have paid large amounts of money to experience space travel whilst visiting the International Space Station (ISS) on private – not State sponsored – missions. Virgin Galactic’s proposed flights on board SpaceShipTwo (SS2) to be launched by WhiteKnightTwo (WK2) whilst airborne makes sub-orbital private human space flight an even closer reality. This brings many interesting legal issues concerning air and space law to the fore. Carol will present her work on the main legal issues pertaining to liability in respect of SFPs participating as fee-paying “passengers” on board these private sub-orbital space “flights” operated by Virgin Galactic style “spacelines” based on her LLM thesis: “Private Human Space Flight: The Need For A New Liability Convention For Space Flight Participants.

This lecture is part of RAeS-UAE Professional Development Program 2016– 2017.

Admission is free and open to all with an interest in aviation, no pre-registration necessary.


Speaker Details

Carol A Anderson MRAeS, Deputy General Counsel, Gulf Air

Carol Anderson MRAeSCarol A. Anderson is Deputy General Counsel of Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, founding Chair of RAeS Air Law Group Middle East (Dubai, UAE), board member of the International Aviation Women’s Association, and member of the International Institute of Space Law. For more than 16 years she has worked in the aviation legal sector and recently concluded her LLM in Air & Space Law at the University of Leiden this year. Her final thesis, titled “Private Human Space Flight – the need for a new liability Convention”, includes a detailed comparison of air and space law liability as it applies to “passengers” in the private human space flight context.


Emirates Training College (ETC)

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