Solar Orbiter - Mission to the Sun

15 February 2017



Solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) have the potential to cause considerable disruption to us here on Earth, damaging power grids and communication/ navigation satellites. Solar Orbiter, a European Space Agency mission due to launch in Oct 2018, will study the Sun and inner heliosphere as never before. Providing the closest views of the Sun to date, the spacecraft will carry out, for the first time, simultaneous remote sensing and in-situ measurements both in and out-of-the-ecliptic plane. These measurements will help us understand the solar processes that create flares and CMEs, and their propagation into the Solar system. With the structural and thermal model campaign complete, the electrical model activities well underway and the flight model campaign running with first flight instrument integration about to start, this is a very exciting time for the project!

Date: Wednesday 15th February 2017

17:30hrs Refreshments

18.00hrs Start

FREE to attend and all are welcome

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Speaker Details

Dr Michelle Sprake

Dr Michelle Sprake is a payload interface engineer at Airbus Defence and Space, the Prime Contractor for Solar Orbiter, working with the SPICE and EUI instruments. She will be presenting an overview of the Solar Orbiter mission, its design challenges and the status of the project.

Fusion Restaurant, Airbus Defence and Space


Gunnels Wood Rd