Sopwith Camel and Eurofighter Typhoon, Modern Air Combat Fighters of their day

8 May 2018

Loughborough University


Start time: 7.30 p.m. (AGM 7.00 p.m.)

Many of the early fighters built during WWI were agile, nimble and inherently unstable. The talk is a mixture of a technical explanation, anecdotes and pilot’s notes from the time. In the latter part of the talk a comparison is made between the unstable, agile and high workload Camel, the stable fighters that came after, which were less agile but easier to fly. Finally, a comparison will be made with the Typhoon, today’s front line RAF fighter, which is again unstable and agile but has carefree handling.

Speaker Details

Dr. Eric Gillies

Glasgow University

Loughborough Branch

Loughborough University

Room U020,

Brockington Building,

Loughborough University