Space Debris – is it a Threat and are there Solutions?

11 May 2017

Cambridge Branch


Lecture Starts at 7.30 pm,  Light Refreshments served from 7.00 pm

The bulk of space debris consists of around 20,000 objects in low earth orbit threatening existing and future satellites. This ‘space junk’ comes from old launches, broken up satellites, and discarded items. This debris can be involved in collisions with operational satellites, not only causing a failure but also creating new debris. Many models predict that eventually low earth orbit could become unusable unless we prevent further debris creation and actively begin to remove what is already there. This talk will examine the problem and present some solutions which have been proposed and tested in the near future. 

Dr Jaime Reed is Business Development Manager for UK Civil Space. He holds a Doctorate in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics, an MPhys degree from the University of Oxford and is a Chartered Engineer. Jaime joined Airbus in 2005 leading the development of cryogenic coolers. Since then he has worked in both project management and technical roles on EO and Science missions for the European Space Agency, as well as managing the R&D portfolio for Earth Observation, Navigation and Science. He is also holder of several patents on the topics of earth observation and space debris mitigation.

Speaker Details

Dr Jamie Reed

Airbus Defence & Space


Cambridge Branch

Lecture Theatre ‘0’,
Cambridge University Engineering Department,
Trumpington Street,
CB2 1PZ.