The Brexit Question

27 October 2016

No 4 Hamilton Place, London


What the UK's withdrawal from the EU means for Aerospace

The referendum on whether Britain should remain in the EU or note resulted in victory for the leave campaigners. But how will this momentous vote effect the British Aerospace sector? This is one of the questions that this one day seminar aims to answer.

Seminar highlight

The potential effect of the Brexit vote will be explored in four key areas that contribute to Britain's aerospace portfolio:

* Industry and the Economy

* Research, Development and Innovation

* Skills, Education and Employment

* Standards and Regulations

The main focus of the day will be centred on how these four core areas will be effected by the referendum result and how the British aerospace sector can move forward.

Why should you attend?

* Develop an understanding of the potential implications for R&D, skills, employment and regulations

* Input to the RAeS evidence that will be shared with government stakeholders

* Take away actions that will help support your business to move forward



Speaker Details

We are delighted that the seminar will open with a Keynote Address from the Rt Hon David Jones MP, Minister for State for Exiting the European Union. 

The seminar will be closed by a Keynote Address from Paul Kahn, President of Airbus Group UK.


No 4 Hamilton Place, London

Royal Aeronautical Society Headquarters

No.4 Hamilton Place