The e-Go aircraft project

12 September 2017

BAE Systems Park Centre


The e-Go aircraft is a novel concept for a very light-weight sport aircraft, designed and developed by e-Go Aeroplanes Ltd, a UK company based in Cambridge.  With an empty weight of 139 kg and a cruise speed of 90kt, it falls roughly mid-way between microlights and conventional light aircraft.  Power is supplied by a 30hp Wankel Rotary engine, driving a pusher propeller.  First flight of the prototype took place in October 2013 and a limited number of production aircraft have been completed since.  However, lack of finance has prevented the project going into full production and the company went into Administration in April this year.  Nevertheless, it remains a very interesting and innovative project.  In this lecture, the design concept will be described and its performance and handling in the air discussed.    

Visitors welcome: admission £2 (RAeS members and students free).

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Speaker Details

Keith Dennison, formerly chief test Pilot, e-Go Aircraft Ltd

Keith Dennison was a career RAF officer, joining the Airforce and qualifying as a pilot in 1981, following graduation from the University of Bath with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.  Following a number of operational tours, he qualified as a test pilot in 1988, and spent much of the next 14 years in that role, including a brief tour with the USN Test Pilot School at Patuxent River.  His test pilot tours were interspersed with Staff Officer assignments at MOD Headquarters.  In 2003 he was appointed Assistant Director of Air operations and the following year became Director Capability Integration, retiring from the RAF at the end of 2005.  He immediately returned to combat aircraft flying as Chief Test Pilot at BAE Systems until July 2008.  Since then he has acted as an independent aviation consultant to a number of companies, a role which in 2013 embraced another return to flying albeit of a very different type, acting as Chief Test Pilot for the e-Go programme until the latter’s demise in April 2017. 


BAE Systems Park Centre

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